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Along with voice over, I enjoy helping others find the joy of gaming. Gaming includes video games and tabletop games. I discovered my first video game when I was around four years old. My father purchased a giant computer with a green screen. Along with the computer he had a fat book of computer code. Initially, I believe he purchased the computer since he liked gadgets and enjoyed learning new things. Also, my older brothers were in middle and high school and had science fair projects. Regardless, my dad tabbed the section of the book for the game Pong and showed me how to enter the code. If I wanted to play, I had to type the code myself (and it was not short). Since I was too small to reach the keyboard easily, two Webster dictionaries were stacked on the chair and I would then type in the code and play Pong. My passion for gaming was ignited.

When I was eight, my oldest brother went off to college. When he came back one holiday, he introduced me to a whole new type of game. I got to pretend to be a dwarf and I had an axe and a ring with magical powers that I had not figured out (to this day, I still want to know what the magic ring did). My mom allowed my brother to borrow one of her rings with rubies in it so I had an actual ring to hold during the game. There were lots of beautiful dice and a map that my brother drew on poster board. It was one of the most memorable nights of my life. I know now that the game I played then was Dungeons and Dragons 2nd edition.

I learned many games and gaming platforms over the years. Eventually, my husband and I met each other and, to my delight, found he also loved gaming and we continue to game together with our two daughters.

Gaming is a wonderful pastime. It keeps all parties engaged and communicative. It teaches life skills and (for video games anyway) keeps the hand-eye coordination active. My girls learn while gaming without even realizing it. The other day, my eldest daughter was discussing dungeon master questions with her dad. The conversation was concerning how to guide her players without leading and how to manage those that don’t really mesh with the team.  In short, it sounded very much like a how to manage a business project. My youngest daughter writes more and decided to take a creative writing class due to Dungeons and Dragons and she began experimenting with computer coding while playing Minecraft. The list goes on for why I love gaming so much and I do not think, nor do I want, to grow out of my love for games.

With all that said, I get a lot of looks or “really, gaming?” when I mention I enjoy gaming in office break-the-ice chatter or I do not know anything about the latest TV series unless it is animation or anime. I know I am not the only older adult out there with this passion and want to help those that think they may enjoy video games or tabletop games but are overwhelmed by where to start and I want to share the amazing things or stories I find as well.

I hope you enjoy!

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