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Finding a Game

Many of you may have a game in mind already. It could be a game that caused you to decide to go out and buy and PC or console in the first place. however, some of you may not know where to look to find a game you think you may enjoy. Below are some of the resources I enjoy in order to see new and/or upcoming releases.


I love magazines for all kinds of topics. I like that they summarize things well and many times include interviews with interesting people. Magazines are perfect when you need something short to read while standing in line or just have a few minutes to read. I enjoy both digital and paper magazines. Here are a couple of my top favorite gaming magazines.

Edge Magazine

This is a UK magazine and is my favorite go-to read for industry content. They still have game recommends as well, but the articles are excellent. There are more pages for articles and advertisement pages are limited, so this magazine feels less cluttered and easier to read. I have seen this magazine available at most places that have a wide assortment of magazines available.

Game Informer

This is a US magazine and is my favorite go-to read for list of games coming soon and on what platform. This magazine is all about the games themselves. It is full of gameplay images along with reviews, release dates, and lists such as "The Top 50 Games of 2019" and so on. If you are unsure of what game you want to begin with and want something new, this is a great place to find some information. This magazine is also available at most booksellers, Amazon, and GameStop.


Websites are typically free with an infinite amount of information. Below are some of my favorite sites to find information on video games.



This website (it also has an app) is a place where players may share their gameplay live. This is called streaming. The players, or streamers, not only just game, but also interact with their audience. In addition to players, game developers also broadcast news and host events through Twitch. It is free to create a Twitch account. Some streamers do require subscriptions and others just provide extras for subscribers and some are just streaming for fun. Either way, it is a great place to just watch some game play to get a better idea of what some games look like.

Game Informer


This website goes along with the Game Informer magazine. It includes news articles, previews, reviews, and you may also subscribe to Game Informer from this site. There is a lot of free information about games available at this site. If you wish to participate in adding comments and the like, you may also create a free user account.



Metacritic is to games what Rotten Tomatoes is to movies. It provides short reviews for various games and provides "Best Of" lists as well as video of gameplay and game trailers. I must also add that video games are getting more creative on game trailers and they can be truly entertaining to watch. In addition, you may add in your own reviews for games and read what others are saying about it. It is also free to create an account for this site in case you want to leave reviews.

There are many other excellent video game websites, but above are my top three.

Finally, you may just find a game by browsing the electronics department of your favorite store and reading the backs of the packaging. There are also video game digital distribution applications such as Steam and Epic Games that have videos and blurbs on games available on PC.

Enjoy finding your game!

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