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ESO Antiquities How-TO

There has been a lot of questions surrounding how to complete the antiquities that is currently part of the Lost Treasures of Skyrim event that is between 09/23/2020 @ 10AM EST through 10/05/2020 10AM EST. The more people that participate in searching for antiquities during this time help contribute to everyone earning different prizes. To learn more visit the Lost Treasures of Skyrim website.

Antiquities may be a number of things such as treasure you may sell to vendors, house items, emotes, motifs, or mythic pieces. You also may search for the same antiquity. In fact, this is recommended since it will help level your skill lines, expands on that item's story, and helps make in-game gold.

Below is a guide on how to open that skill line and start you on your way to dig up fabulous antiquities.

You must have the Elderscrolls Online Greymoor DLC in order to have the antiquities quest option available. Once you have that, visit Solitude that is in Western Skyrim.

Next, enter the Antiquarian Circle building that is to the left of the Blue Palace if coming from the wayshrine and speak to Verita Numida.

She directs you to attune (examine) to the Antiquarian Eye, which is to the table on the right if standing at the door.

Then go back and speak to Verita again. This opens up your Antiquarian skill lines (Excavation and Scrying). To be able to scry more difficult leads, the Antiquarian Insight under Scrying is what is needed.

Vertia also then directs you to go speak to Gabrielle Benele that is downstairs. The stairs are at the back of the initial room.

Gabrielle then gives you a practice lead titled "Gabrielle's Bottle of Proving". It will be your only white lead. To view your leads to scry, open up your Quest Journal by typing "J" and then click on the antiquarian symbol tab. Next click on the lead you wish to scry or type "E". At level 1, you are only able to scry green or white items.

Next the Antiquarian Eye will come up and you have to match the items to link to the bright facet.

Once you link to the facet, it shows a map and highlights where the dig site is.

The green, purple, gold, and orange leads all have more than one bright facet to link. If you happen to not find all of them, that is alright. It just gives you more than one dig site to check. The wrong dig site will let you know it was not correct and then shows you again where the other dig sites to check are. Also, the more skill points you put into the two different skill lines, the easier it is to scry and excavate.

Gabrielle's practice is just outside the door to the left of her.

The dig site is glittery. Go over to the site and move the cursor over it and then type "E" to go into the excavation screen.

Then use the eye to figure out where to dig by clicking on it or typing "R". This works like the game "Hot and Cold". Highlight the eye and then click around to get clues on the dig. These clues are in the form of squares that are yellow, orange, red, or green. Green means you are hot and right on it. Yellow is close, and the further you are away, the squares are more red. You only have the number of attempts that is shown in the diamond symbol of the eye. In my case below, I have 9 attempts to find the green.

Also, if you hover your cursor over the squares, they will highlight where the green one could possible be. Below I have an orange hint and then found the green.

Below is an example of all the colors. Once I find a green square, I like to try to find in which direction the antiquity is lying to narrow down my dig even further.

Next click on the brush at the top left or type "W". This is the delicate tool. Brush away at the dirt over the green squares first to uncover your antiquity. After it is uncovered, if you have more time left, then you may continue digging throughout the area to try to find extras. Note: Time is the meter at the top and only goes down when you actually use a tool, so it is more the number of times you may brush/dig then a timed timer.

The more advanced the antiquity, the more dirt is on top.

When you level up the excavation line, you eventually acquire a spade and shovel. These dig down a lot faster, but have a chance to damage your antiquity if it is over done. Dig down as far as you think you can and then brush away at the remaining level or two. If you accidently break your antiquity, never fear, you just use the antiquarian eye tool to locate another dig site within the same highlighted area (more on how to do this further down)

Once the dig is finished it gives you a summary of the find as well as notes on the antiquity to collect for your codex.

For example, below I have found 2 of 3 Festival of Defiance Tokens. I am now able to read some of the story behind that antiquity in my Quest Journal by typing "E" to view an item's codex. To find all 3, I have to scry it three times. Note: For the green zone freebies, this is simply rescrying it. For others, I must find the lead again.

Finding the Dig Spot Help

To continue looking for antiquities after the initial tutorial, simply go to the zone you wish to search.

Open your journal again by typing "J"

Then navigate to SCRYABLE on the left.

For the example below, this character may only scry the Secession Stamp Block.

I move my cursor over the available Secession Stamp Block and type "E".

Next, I do the puzzle to highlight all the facets. Note: There is a counter on how many tries you have to find all the facets at the bottom that is shaped like a tear drop.

Then I go to the highlighted area of the map. In this case, I must travel East

Once inside the area, I slot my Antiquarian Eye tool into my Quick Slots.

To do this, type "I" to bring up your inventory. Then navigate to Quick Slots and then Tools as seen below. Then you may click and drag your Antiquarian's Eye to the quick slot wheel on the left.

Once it is slotted, type and hold "Q" bring up the quick slot wheel. Select the Antiquarian Eye. Then just type "Q" to activate. It produces a comet in front of you and the tail of the comet points to the direction the dig site is. In this case, I must continue to the right direction.

Finally, search for the dig site. There is a cool down for the Antiquarian Eye, but once it cools down, it may be used again if you are still having trouble locating the dig site.

Additional Tips

To level this skill, each zone offers a green lead. Once the green lead is completed, it provides a blue lead, and then the blue lead provides a purple lead. As mentioned earlier, the blue and purple lead may not be completed until the Antiquarian Insight is leveled up. Leads that are found (not the starter green lead) remain in your journal for 30 days, but then expire.

Add-ons help make this easier. Please note Zenimax's Add-on Policy

I will have a separate article on recommended add-ons, but if you are already familiar with add-ons, then I highly recommend the Lead Overview mod by utility mods

This addon provides a pop-up when looking at the Quest Journal Antiquities page (see below). The pop-up lists all the found leads that are available to scry, what zone they are in, and what type of reward it is. Note: It does not take your level of Antiquarian Insight, so it will include all levels of leads. So, if you have a purple lead that you are dying to do, then level up your Antiquarian Insight within 30 days.

Rewards include Furnishings, which may be displayed in your home, Treasure, which may be sold to vendors for in-game gold, Motifs, which may be read/learned to create outfits, Emotes, which are actions you may do in character such as dance, bow, etc, and Mythics, which are pieces that must be collected to build mythic items such as mounts, rings, and clothes.

I hope this helps many of you enjoy the fun of digging up items and learning the stories behind them. Now go antiquity hunting!

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